BioGuard Swimming Pool Care Chemicals and Products

Why Do We Offer BioGuard?

BioGuard offer professional, quality products that are the best solution for your pool and spa care needs. They include:

+ Chlorine and Non-Chlorine Sanitizers 
+ Algae Killing and Preventative Algaecides 
+ Shock to Remove Contaminants 
+ Saltwater Pool Care Products 
+ Cleaning and Problem Solvers 
+ Water Balancers 
+ Water Enhancers

The 3-Step Pool Care System 
They encourage the 3-Step Program approach to pool care. Simply put, it's the easiest way to sparkling clear pool water.

Computurized Water Testing 
BioGuard pioneered the idea of computerized pool water analysis. Bring in a water sample from your pool today and we'll give you a complete, personalized analysis for start-up, closing and maintenance.

BioGuard Pool Opening Video


The Mineral Springs system utilizes easy-to-apply minerals and a chlorine generator to produce a chlorine sanitizer. It takes only five minutes a week to maintain - in fact, once you've begun the system, you only have to add the Renewal® product once a week. That's it! BioGuard's Mineral Springs Program is Ideal for:Pools of any size or surfacePools equipped with any chlorine generatorFrequent travelers or vacation-takers.Those looking for the luxuries of a mineral poolTwo Easy Steps!Beginnings® - A proprietary blend of minerals added to pool water at start-upRenewal® - Replenish mineral levels, keeping water soft and clearAccessoriesConvert - Convert is used to change your plain old salt pool into a Mineral Springs poolCell Cleaner - Cell Cleaner is an effective and efficient way to periodically clean your­ Mineral Springs cell or any chlorine generator cellStain and Scale - Stain and Scale protects your pool and equipment from scale formation




3-Step Care System Step 1: Sanitize 


BioGuard's Silk Tabs® and Silk Sticks® enhanced with SilkGuard® Technology keep pool water sanitized and velvety smooth. They are available in 3" tabs, 1" tabs and sticks.

Silk Tabs and Silk Sticks:

  • Kill bacteria
  • Control algae
  • Slow-dissolving sanitizers
  • Contain SunShield® Technology so that chlorine is protected from sunlight for long-lasting sanitation of pool water

The SilkGuard Advantage:

  • Makes water feel velvety smooth
  • Protects pool equipment for longer life
  • Prevents metal staining and corrosion
  • Reduces scale formation



3-Step Care System Step 2: Shock 


Keep pool water clear with BioGuard Smart Shock®

  • Keeps water sparkling clear

  • Multi-functional product shocks, oxidizes, buffers and clarifies

  • Kills and prevents bacteria growth

  • Unique blue algae-fighting crystals kill algae

  • No need to mix or pre-dissolve



3-Step Care System Step 3: Preventative Algaecide 


Prevent algae before it starts with BioGuard Back-Up®

  • Highly effective formula prevents wide variety of algae growth

  • Stable in sunlight and will not evaporate

  • Activity increases as water temperature rises (and you need protection the most)

  • Will not affect pH levels

  • Non-staining


Optimize this care system! 


Patented technology makes Optimizer Plus® a valuable addition to any of the BioGuard brominating, chlorinating or biguanide care systems:

  • Helps suppress algae growth when used per label directions

  • Improves water clarity and sparkle

  • Creates soft and soothing water


As part of our ongoing commitment to excellence, Asheville Pool and Patio is proud to offer an exclusive, state-of-the-art water test center. We understand that many people today simply don't have the time for proper water care. Fortunately, we made the investment to save you time and money.

The centerpiece of our testing center is the ALEX AccuScan Water Analysis System. So, what can ALEX do for you?

  • ALEX is provided as a free service to our customers. You can have peace of mind in knowing that you are dealing with professional water care specialists.

  • ALEX provides fast, easy and accurate water testing, which creates a safe, clean and beautiful bathing environment.

  • With an 8-12oz sample of your water, We can analyze your water balance. We then provide you with a printed report which includes recommended products for proper water care, taking the guesswork out of balancing your water, and giving you more time to relax.

  • A record is kept of your previous tests, allowing our specialists to track the history and progress of your pool or spa.

AccuScan Water Analysis